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NEW for 2016! The Rug Stores and Their Pets.

Some say that owners resemble their pets. What do you think? Are you a well behaved German Shepherd or a glamorous Persian cat? At The Rug Stores we like to go that one step further and decided to match the purrfect rugs to our furry friends personalities instead, after all they love a good rug too.

So here is our interpretation in the form of our brand new advert's for 2016! Let us know what you think over on Facebook or our new Youtube channel. 

Our furry feline can be seen ordering our Asiatic Sheepskin Taupe rug. We think it's a great match and great for those well earned cat naps.  

Simon the sheep dog can be seen above ordering the Pearl Silver rug by Flair rugs. He seems to love a good rug, as it's not his first online order from The Rug Stores.  

Our lovely model above decided to order the Asiatic Chobi rug in Blue/Green to match her bedroom design. We think it finishes the room off perfectly.

To celebrate the launch of our new adverts, we asked some of our Facebook followers to get involved and tell us a little about their pets and which rugs they would choose. 

Donna - Black Wool Rug

Dillinger - Silver Shaggy Rug


Mariska, Fairy & Elfin - Asiatic Diva Taupe Rug

Not so different choices from their owners! What do you think, do you share similarities with your pet and would you trust them to pick the same style of rug as you for your home?